If you find yourself in Caracas, you will see that there are many taxis around the city. However, in order to ensure your safety you should follow these tips when taking a taxi:

  • When taking a taxi from the airport into the city, always use the airport's taxi line (you can identify them easily since the cars are black ford explorers with a yellow logo on the doors). DO NOT take a taxi from anyone else.
  • Have your hotel arrange your taxi rides. This will assure you a fair price and they will only contact trusted taxi drivers.
  • If you can not get your hotel to arrange a taxi for you, always call a well known trusted taxi line.
  • Do not take independent taxis on the street, specially if they do not have taxi license plates (they are yellow).  Remember that there will be many "fake" taxis on the street bearing the word taxi and similar either on the roof or the sides of the car, do not be fooled.

Taxis in Venezuela  do not have a meter, so you (or your hotel if you followed the previous tips) will have to arrange the price for each ride. Additionally, most taxi lines have a price list for common destinations that they use to calculate the fare you will be charged and they also charge a fee for wait time.

It is important to realize that traffic in this city is very very heavy (almost nightmarish), so you should always take your taxi with this information on mind if you do not want to be late for your destination.

Some of the most well know taxi lines in Caracas are:

  • Teletaxi.
  • Taxco.
  • Libertaxi.

As an alternative, If you not want to get stuck in traffic for hours in a taxi, you could also use the city's metro system which is safe and can get you to most places quickly. The only caveat is that on the peak hours it can get really flooded and uncomfortable.

Car Rentals

First of all, it is not advisable to rent a car in Caracas unless you can bear irresponsible drivers and getting stuck in massive traffic jams, which are common around the city during week days.  It would be much better to take taxis during your stay.

However, for those of you who choose to rent a car, there are many options in the car rental market. All major international car rental companies have offices in Caracas and in the Simon Bolivar International Airport.

Some of the major companies are:

  • Hertz.
  • Avis.
  • Budget.