In Caracas there are two main public transportation methods: The Caracas Metro System and Buses. 

Metro System

The Caracas Metro System is the most important public transportation method in the city. The system includes four main underground lines and several secondary bus routes.

Metro tickets can be bought directly in any of the underground's stations or in newspaper stands that bear the system's logo and most tickets can be bough for less than $ 0.50. 

Most stations are clean and safe, however you should be alert for pickpockets in the most crowded stations like Plaza Venezuela, Chacao, Sabana Grande, La Hoyada and Capitolio - El Silencio. 

Remember, that the system's buses and wagons are very crowded on the peak hours, so try to avoid at these times if you can. 

All things considered, the Metro System is a good alternative to taking a taxi if you want to travel fast and cheaply around the city, while being relatively safe.


Bus Routes in Caracas are not run by a single company, in fact they are run by many different bus drivers associations so it is difficult to lay out a general overview of the routes being covered. However, you can be sure that most places in Caracas are reachable by bus.

Nevertheless, in order to get around in buses it is a most to have a very good level of Spanish and be very knowledgeable of the city since none of the drivers will speak English and also, to be able to figure out the bus you have to take (most times you have to ask the driver).

You can take a bus in many of the bus stops scattered aroun the city or from anywhere on the sidewalk for that matter, by justt wving your hand towrds the driver. You may also request the driver to stop anywhere you like. This can also be a bit of a problem since the driver will be making many stops along the way to pick out or drop passengers and the traffic being very heavy can make for a very long journey to your destination.

Security in buses depends mostly in the neighbourhood's safety and luck. So if you have to take a bus don waer jewlery no expensive clothes, watch out for your belongings and be alert. Additionally, it is very unsafe to take a bus at night.

Since buses are run by many different drivers associations it is difficult to point at a price but you can generally coun on it being a bit more expensive than using the metro. Nonetheless, it is also very cheap.

Finally, considering all of the above you should not use buses unless absolutely neccesary. It is much better to use the Metro or take a taxi.