Although the civil unrest has significantly simmered down over the past year, there is still some possibility of unexpected anarchy in Caracas. Certain neighborhoods have always been dangerous and tourists should steer clear of outlying, unfamiliar territory.

As a rule of thumb, La Castellana, Altamira, El Rosal, Las Mercedes and El Hatillo are the safer areas of Caracas. All travelers should regularly check the US Department of State web site for updates on Caracas. These updates can differ within a given week.

Caracas is best explored with a tour group, native Venezuelans, or with Spanish-speaking friends. Adamantly solo travelers should learn basic Spanish prior to his or her departure. While it is important to always be on one's guard and stash the cash in a money belt, safety is especially pertinent at night.

The complication is that the nightlife in Caracas is quite splendid and has a way of sucking people into it. Follow the guidelines below for increased safety during nighttime excursions:
  • Do not wear flashy jewelry or carry more cash than is necessary.
  • Take a taxi to and from all points between club hopping.
  • Never take independent taxis. Always take a taxi from a cab company. Teletaxi is a trustworthy one.
  • Keep a little extra money for emergency cab fare.
  • Americans should register with the US Embassy.
  • Create a call-list when traveling alone. This should include at least 2 responsible friends. Call them at the beginning with a scheduled return time. Most importantly, stick to the return time agreed upon and followup at the end of the night