Many of you like to bring back souvenirs from your exotic vacations. Although Venezuela has some beautiful crafts, few ever make it to Margarita Island. There are some things available though. 

     For example,  the coffee is very good.  El Peñon seems to be the  best here and it is readily available in the supermarkets for quite cheap. The Rum (Cacique) is decent and very cheap ($2 a large bottle), There are some wooden boats that are beautiful.  There is an old man in Juan Griego who hand crafts inexpensive miniatures. His little shop is located on Calle El Sol  in Juan Griego, very close to the school.  You´ll have to ask the locals if he is still around though... There is also some rustic style pottery made right here on the island. There is a village called Cercado, where they are still making it right out of their modest homes.  There are so few of them and very difficult to find.  Once again, you are going to need to ask a local.

     In La Asuncion, on the plaza by the church (which everyone should visit anyway), there is an art gallery on the second floor which has some fine paintings and crafts made by Anne Marie Herrara.  If she still has some traditional wooden toys left (from her last exhibit Dec 2009), you should buy, they are beautiful and interesting.  In the tourists shop on the ground floor, it is mostly touristy stuff but they do have some nice native block prints, which would make great gifts (even for yourselves). The Conejeros (the flea market), is worth of visit, but only if you are lucky, will you find something worthy.  Other wise, baskets and hammocks are sold on the side of the road in Santa Ana, Tacariagua and La Asuncion.  But you have to bargain because they are charging more than they should.