Dominical is a small surfer town consisting of two main roads -- one coming off the Costenera highway and going straight through the town and the other running along the water.  The two roads intersect and become one closer to the edge of town, just past some of the more popular joints, Thrusters and Coco's.  Neither of the roads are paved and cars kick up plenty of dust as they past by you.  

One important thing to note is that there is only one bank or ATM/cajero in Dominical -- the Banco Costa Rica.  To reach this, turn right at the entrance as you're heading out of town and you will see it on your left hand side up an incline.  Note that they only accept Visa ATM cards, so you're out of luck if you're carrying a Mastercard.  The ATM distributes both colones and US dollars.  You will also find the town's "supermercado" here, which is a larger version of a convenience store. 

 If you're looking for Internet, you have a number of options.  Prices hover around 500 colones for 15 min.  There is the Internet Maya in the Pueblo Del Rio straight ahead of you as you enter the town.  There is also an internet cafe right above the popular San ClementePoco a Poco is a great deal if you're thirsty for a drink and some email.

You'll find that most people in town speak some level of English (if they're not straight up American).  The most popular pasttime is surfing hands down (you're pretty much guaranteed to see surfers in the water),but if you take a left as you exit the center of town and drive a few kilometers, you'll hit the Hacienda Baru, which offers ziplines as well as nice hiking trails.  You will likely encounter monkeys and sloths while you're there is you pay close attention.

If you're looking for tours and such, you'll find Costa Rica Southern Expeditions to your right as you enter the town center and the  Activity Center at Hotel Villas Rio Mar. Tthey offer  information and reservations for tours, transportation,car rentals, flights,hotel bookings,kayak rentals and many more..there are a few other places on the right hand side of the main road that takes you into town.  You can book trips like kayaking through mangrove swamps, ziplining, or snorkelling at Cano Island through these agencies.  They also help you book seats on the private buses if you're trying to get out of town.