There are many beautiful places in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area to hike around when its not too hot . Hiking is a big activity here in the southwest and there are definetly more than I will touch on. Camelback Mountain ...which is located in the heartt of Phoenix is located near McDonald Rd and Tatum. This mountain has a front and a back with trails. The front called Echo Mountain is more stenuous with actually using your hands to pull your way. It is an amazing view once to the top. It is reddish/brown in color and has incredible geology along the way.

 Pinnacle Peak ,another favorite that  is less strenuous and just as beautiful. This  mountain range is located in North Scottsdale and also has amazing views. It is definetly a hike that most can accomplish and enjoy, atleast a good portion of it. The views from this mountain are more of a desert landscape as opposed to the city that can be seen from the top of Camelback.

Other mountains are North ,Squaw Peak.....another favorite and many more . Hiking season is absolutly perfect during the non summer months. Usually begining around Jan -May and than again in late September to October ...depending on how much heat you can stand and the hours you choose to go. Enjoy......make sure to bring lots of water.


Lake Havasu offers an opportunity for fantastic biking, hiking, kayaking and lakeside camping. The best time to experience Havasu is when days are sunny and reach 80 degrees, what happens in the autumn. There are several campgrounds around the city of Lake Havasu. In the fall, they’re nearly empty. At that time of the year reservation is not necessary. Don’t forget to bring your kayak. A very good sopt for hiking in Lake Havasu is in Sara Park. It’s just off route 95 just on the edge of town. You start by following a dried river bed into a canyon. You eventually find yourself in a narrow slot canyon which is usually filled with water. You have to climb, swim, and slide through the pools. After a few miles, the trail ends at a hidden cove on the lake. There are nice caves to be explored there. On the return trip, you can bypass the slot canyon as you follow the path through the gap in the mountain. The gap on the return route offers a bird’s eye view of the entire lake. Sara Park Trailhead: From Lake Havasu, follow 95 South to the edge of town and turn right on McCulloch Blvd S. Follow it for about a half mile to the parking area. The trail basically follows the dry riverbed wash down to the lake.