Rental cars should be avoided in the city as the driving and traffic are horrendous.  Most things you'll need to see can be easily accessed on foot, or by metro.  Failing that, taxis are the best option.  They are cheap, plentiful and will get you to anywhere you'll want to go.

While taxi related crime is rare, it does occur. The most prudent thing to do is to request the hotel to phone for a cab when you want to go out. If you take a cab from the street, look for Radio Taxis ( The term Radio Taxi) will be written on the side of the cab. As you enter the cab, look for a large clear plastic envelope that contains identifying information about the cab and its driver, complete with picture. Do not take a cab that is missing this vital piece of information.

Unless you've agreed otherwise, always ensure that the driver has the meter running as this is the only way to avoid being ripped off at the end of the journey.  When paying the driver, no tip is expected in Buenos Aires, simply round up to the closest Peso (or two if it saves fussing with change.


 the best way to travel in the city of Buenos Aires is via a radio taxi.

By knowledge I can recommend to citytax 451145855544; taxis are very safe and reliable.