From the beach at Oludeniz there are many boats that will take you on a tour along the coast to little beach spots & an island with old ruins of a 2nd century church. You'll be served lunch with beer & drinks available from the bar. The boats have tables on the first deck & a sun deck on top. Wear you swim clothes & bring a towel. Rubber beach shoes are recommended. Getting on & off the boats you must walk on long ramps. People with mobility problems should avoid this excursion.


The boat trips are great.  For about $10 each you get a full day boay trip, stopping about 6 times at beaches and different swimming areas.  Lunch on the boat is included and it's good.  Do not miss this oppertunity.  It's a great bargin.  The water is magnificent.  Crystal clear and warm.  Also stops at Santa Claus Island.  Great ruins and fantastic views.

For a more exhilarating and cooler (!) experience - Take a break from the heat of the beach on a speed boat tour of the islands with Saban Tokgoz Oludeniz Hire Speed Boat - fantastic value, Saban is incredibly knowledgeable - cannot recommend him highly enough. The crystal clear swimming spots he found for myself and my friends were awesome - plus he took us to a cafe/restaurant only accessible from the sea, charming and taking rustic to whole new levels, we wished we 'd taken some more money to eat there, utterly breathtaking views. We travelled May 2014. - Lisa Bishop, Plymouth