There is just no way you can drive  through an area and say that you have visited. Bo-Kaap is a vibrant area with lots of culture and character. The Bo-Kaap would do well to have its own information centre.

On weekends there are numerous sporting events, of which Rugby is a major attraction. Then there are various cultural music groups who practice in the community halls in the area. During the week, there are music classes on the go and also groups practicing for their annual concerts.

Then there are the Cape Minstrells and the Xmas choirs who practice throughout the year, the cooking classes at peoples homes.

One really needs a local Tourist guide to take you around the area to appreciate the architechture, culture, religious practices, Kramats (places where a Muslim holy man is buried), food and the fantastic history of the area.

If you really want to be able to say that you have visited a country you must have connected with its people.