Travel by car is a common method for getting around Johannesburg, whether it is via taxi or rental car.   Taxis are available in both standard car taxi form and minibus tour taxi form, both of which are commonly used by travelers.  Standard car taxis are easily found at the main locations of the city, although it is common practice to call ahead of time for a taxi.  Taxi fare is regulated and standardized and should be relatively inexpensive.  Discuss rates with the driver before accepting the ride or while on the phone with the operator if calling in advance for a taxi.  The taxi should be metered and rates may be posted.

Renting a car is commonly done at the airport upon arrival in Johannesburg. Rental cars are available from major car rental companies such as Drive South,  Avis ( ), Hertz ( ),  Pace Car Rental, Thrifty Car Rental (, insert: </a> ),  Pace Car Rental Johannesburg are the only rental agency that offer car rental without a credit card, for those wanting to pay cash, and great for long term car rental.

Drivers should be aware that driving in Johannesburg and surrounding areas can be aggressive.  It is not excessively dangerous, but travelers should be on the alert on the roads and remember that in South Africa driving is on the LEFT hand side of the road.   Rush hours are standard Monday through Friday morning 06h30 - 08h30 and evening times 16h00 - 18h00; driving at these times should be avoided if at all possible. 

There are many 'illegal' vendors at the major off ramps to freeways in and around Johannesburg, and windows should preferably be kept closed and valuables tucked under seats to prevent any 'smash and grabs' attempts .

South Africa has a very extensive road network, and it is generally in good condition with toll road routes between the major cities that make travelling country-wide easy. There is an extensive network of Petrol stations (Gas), and if you keep to the major road networks you usually don't have too far to go to get to the next station. As distances are great, it is a good idea to stop at one of the petro-ports that have a restaurant attached and refresh every two hours or so.

Taxi Services Companies in Johannesburg

These are pre-booked and most use fixed fares instead of meters. Genereally speaking, these taxi fares are negotiable especially for multiple bookings or corporate clients. Some of the popular service providers found on the internet include:

Airport Link, +27 (0)11) 792 2017, Fixed price airport transfer service.  

Elias, +27 (0)76 834 0670. Friendly taxi driver based in the CBD.  

Magicbus, +27 (0)11 548-0822, Offers shuttle services between OR Tambo Airport and Sandton. They also offer door-to-door transfers. A bit expensive for the single traveller but reasonable when traveling in groups.  

Maxi Taxi,+27 (0)11 648 1212, Reputable taxi firm based in Yeoville.  

MyRide, Book Taxi Services.  

Roses Taxi, +27 (0)11 403 9625. Operates throughout the city.  

Sandton Taxi Cabs, +27 (0)11 039 4402, Chauffer Services company based in Sandton offering Chauffeurs, Taxi Cabs, Transfers, Shuttles and Tours.  

Sibusiso Dlamini +27 83 344 5900 or offers safe and reliable shuttle services around Johannesburg, airport transfers. Cars are Hyundai H1 minibus and Toyota Corolla 2014, fully insured. Charging cheap Uber rates.