Glacier Gardens were established around 1984 - it is quite recent attraction in Juneau. Tour guide will tell the full story in better details - in short, once rich farmland was totally devastated by a mudslide. Land owner tried to restore once beautiful area, but restoration did not went well - frustrated, he thrown down a fallen tree trying to smash it - but if it does not work, it does not work - instead of getting smashed, tree stuck in the mud upside down. 

Well, if things do not work the way you want,  you should be smart to get the best from what you can - he planted some flowers on the roots of the upside down tree, giving the start of probably most unusual garden on the North-West.

 Given short, cold and rainy summer, flowers in the gardens are just amazing. In addition to the garden itself, attraction includes a trip to the top of the 580 ft mountain, opening a view of the Mendenhall valley. 

On your way down, guide/driver of a golf cart-like vehicle gives you some interesting stories about lifecycles of Alaskan rainforest and surrounding wildlife.

 If you are interested in more details, you can take a look at illustrated review of Juneau Glacier Gardens