Pacific Divers are one of four PADI dive shops on Rarotonga. They have a shop as part of their house which is not far from Pacific Resort, heading North from Muri. Look for the sign on the left side of the road. The dive shop is set up and run for mainly backpackers with lots of the customers coming from Vara’s backpackers which is not far down the road. For qualified divers they offer morning dives only and for students the afternoons. The morning dives are at 8:30am returning at about 2:00pm. All the dives are from their boat . There is a selection of dive sites with the shop mainly diving 2 sites round the South of the island and 3 round the North giving you variety if you do up to 4 dives. All the dive sites are a short boat ride, so it’s good to not get seasick. The equipment is ok so you don’t need your own which saves your flight allowance.  For the dives you get a guide in the water who leads you round and takes pictures. The guide does not check your depth or time and leads the dive on his computer, so make sure you work out your own dive times and depth before you dive. If you use rental gear each diver has a computer provided but these don't always work so you may have to share. If  you own your own regulators with no computer don't use them. Underwater there is a lot to see and lots of fish and a turtle or two. The coral is healthy in some parts and not quite so good in others, but that is the same across the world. The amazing thing about diving in Rarotonga is the visibility sometimes up to 40m. Certainly clear water.