Avana Point is located in the village of Ngatangiia, and is found on the northern side of Ngatangiia passage also known as Avana Harbour.  Historical interest points to the harbour being a major entry point for early Polynesian travellers, arriving Rarotonga by ocean-going canoes called vaka.  From the Muri end, Avana Point can be reached by venturing off the main road down a side road immediately beyond the bridge opposite the Ngatangiia CICC church.  The side road is signposted as the Avana Marina roadway and leads past this accommodation property to a small layby at the ocean end.  Take the short track towards the ocean through the bushy scrub until you reach the surrounding foreshore rocks.  This point is where the Pacific ocean comes very close to the inner lagoon and foreshore.  A good fishing spot for those who understand the tidal flows well, not for amateurs unused to prevailing wind and weather conditions.  It's a wild, rugged spot which helps to explain how difficult it is/was to navigate entry onto the island for past generations of travellers.  The harbour is currently used by yachts and fishing boats seeking safe anchorage during storms, as well as by the residents and neighbours to gain access to fishing grounds and for diving trips beyond the reefline.  Please be mindful that the locality is both historical and spiritual.  The surrounding site is of huge heritage value for the tribes domiciled in Ngatangiia.  Several marae can be found close by the car-park.