One of the most historical sites on Rarotonga is the Ngatangiia Harbour.  This site is reputed to have been the departure point some 1000 years ago by Polynesian voyagers seeking to discover suitable land to establish new communities and territory.  It is widely believed that Aotearoa was settled by Tangata Whenua (descendents of today's New Zealand Maori) following their departure from Ngatangiia Harbour in ocean-going canoes.  A historical plaque and formation of stones marks the site in rememberance of the Polynesian great migration between Raiatea and Aotearoa, via Rarotonga and possibly other South Pacific destinations as well.  This harbour has been visited by other great navigators, not only around the time of the great migration south but by sea voyagers who settled Rarotonga or Tumu-Te-Varovaro, as the island was known by its earliest settlers, but also by the first European traders and early settlers as well.