Tahiti’s events and festivals calendar is filled from January through December with many fun celebrations, ceremonies, and local/national holidays. There are too many events to list here, but following is a sample of some of them.

In January of each year, residents of Tahiti celebrate the New Year in a big way. New Year’s Day is usually spent celebrating with friends, and there are also local events which include games, songs, and dances – all of which is supported and hosted by the government and Office of Tourism.

In February, residents of Chinese descent celebrate the Chinese New Year. Since there are several people who have Chinese roots living in Tahiti, there are cultural events ranging from Chinese dancing to martial arts demonstrations.

In May there is a professional surfing tournament in which Tahiti’s locals as well as professional surfers from all over the world come to participate and compete.

In July there is an arts and crafts festival where local people from all over the region of French Polynesia bring their handcrafted goods to sell to Tahiti’s residents as well as tourists. This is an intriguing event because the crafters often give live demonstrations.

In November International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des îles

In December there is a pineapple festival, and everything involved in this fun event is related to the pineapple – including shows, demonstrations, and tasting foods prepared with the fruit.