The weather in Tahiti can be pretty much summed up in one word: Perfect.

The temperature in Tahiti remains at a constant average of 79 degrees (Fahrenheit) all year long, and the ocean’s water is usually right around this temperature also. The area where Tahiti is located is considered tropical so the island does see rain, but for the most part, the days are sunny and warm.

The weather in Tahiti is perfect to keep all of the foliage in the area green and lush, and the flowers full of color. Tahiti is also home to several waterfalls, which are kept alive and well by the rain that falls here. However, rain does not get in the way of visitors’ vacations by any means.

The best thing about Tahiti is that the temperature does not get so hot so that it’s uncomfortable, and it also receives nice breezes that come off the ocean.

Winter in Tahiti is considered to be from May through October, and summer is considered to be November through April. There is not a huge difference between winter and summer except that in the winter the air is not quite as warm or humid.

Visitors come to Tahiti for vacations all year round. It’s a great vacation spot because tourists can enjoy wearing shorts and flip flops during any month of the year. People usually dress in casual attire and enjoy the great weather during their visits.