Manuelo Antonio National Park borders Quepos. Its proximity to the national park makes ecotourism a popular local activity. Manuelo Antonio National Park is one of the smaller recreation areas in Costa Rica. However, its long stretches of pristine white beaches attracts travelers from all over the island.

Visitors encounter an evergreen forest that begins past the shoreline. The dense, green canopy  and a small archipelago of twelve islands form a rain forest. There are numerous ways to explore the rain forest. Travelers may avail themselves to mountain bikes, river rafts, horseback riding, and sailing throughout the park.

During a ride, tourists will see an abundance of wildlife. 109 species of mammals and 184 birds live in the national park area. Iguanas, crabs, squirrel monkeys, and sloths commonly reside in this rainforest and shore community. Travelers can book an eco-tour or mangrove exploration of the national park with advance notice.

Surfing, snorkeling and diving are also prevalent in this area. Coral reefs thrive within the coves and shorelines. Otherwise, simply sunbathe on the sandy waterfront and watch the clouds dance across the horizon. On a clear day, there may even be dolphins or whales diving into the sparkling ocean.