One of the Highlights during the Costa Rica holidays is the backhorse riding in Monteverde. This is a recommendable activity which is really great!! It’s fun and the best chance to discover the surroundings of Monteverde. Even for not experienced Sabine’s Smiling Horses is a good choice. Sabine speaks several languages (engl. German, Spanish and France). She explaines everything very detailed so that you fell very secure on the horses. The Farm is really nice, the guides experienced and the horses are treated very well..something that cannot be said for all the stables in Monteverde. The Waterfall Tour is great. After two hours of scenic riding through the hills of Monteverde you get to this amazing waterfall and get refreshed jumping in!! This is for sure one of the Top activities to do in Monteverde!

On Tripadvisor, Horsetrek Monteverde is highly rated out of over 39 attractions in Monteverde!! Horse Trek Monteverde, which runs a variety of horse rides on lovely, well-cared for horses  and also run horse holidays 2 - 8 days. The owner Marvin Anchia is quite a character in the area and if you are lucky, on some of his rides he will take you back to the house to give a demonstration on his famous high-stepping horse Gladiator! This is a true Costa Rican cowboy experience and will not be found in many parts of the world!