Finca Valmy Tours, run by Valentin Venegas, offers group or private riding tours on their private farm ourside of Manual Antonio Park, in Quepos, Costa Rica.

A former cattle ranching operation, the family now runs riding adventures with some of their 65 head herd (their own breeding, by and large). In their down time, the family does dressage and rodeo, so the horses are trained to respond to both English and Western cues (stallions, geldings and mares).

Private tours are available, and an overnight tour, the coffee mountain conquest, is offered, with 2 days of riding through the hills. The standard group ride begins with pick up from your hotel in a minibus, then a drive into the countryside, with narration by Valentin.  At the family farm, you are assigned a  mount chosen to match your experience, you are given a helmet, and then you head out through a river, through jungle-like woods to a double waterfall, where swimming and climbing are encouraged (yes, it's cool, but refreshing).

Cantering, trotting, and riding two abreast are all permitted... Valentin's dog runs along, flushing out the Jesus Christ lizards, who then skitter across the water. This brings out the neighborhood dogs and kids, with a stop for photos over a picturesque valley. 

Whether  you've taken many horseback vacations, or are a novice rider, this ride is enjoyable.  Afterward, Valentin drives you to a local home, where a gourmet, but very Tico, lunch (made by his wife) is served on the patio.

The location is close to the Villa Vanilla, so you can make a day of it, taking that tour after lunch...

lunch spot