In Jaco, there is some activities recomended:

Bungee Jumping
Freefall attached to a dynamic rope. For this activity, Pacific Bungee  designed and built an arm with a fully equipped diving platform where installed all the equipment and specifications necessary for a safe practice of the sport. On the other hand, a twelve feet deep swimming pool was built so that the diver has the option to touch the water during the maximum elongation of the rope, with a free fall is 40 meters (120 feet).
Rocket Launcher
Release of a person into the sky attached to two bungee cords, one on each side. This activity is designed and built with two arms equipped with specifically designed pulley systems, and two moto reducers manufactured under conditions and safety systems manufactured in order to use them with human beings. Also design a launch pad with safety devices and electrical controls of commands, the height that it reaches is 48 meters. (140 feet).
Big Swing
Pendulum that  can be practiced up to three people simultaneously. For this activity an arm was designed at a low elevation than the others but much longer.  Also, provide an wincher system completely safe, a launch pad also equipped with controls and safety devices, in this activity you do a pendulum of 180 degrees.
Preparatory steps.
Customers need to fill out a form where they certify that they are in full use of its powers and in good health. Take the weight to see if they are within the range of security established, the guides prepare the entire equipment, double-check on ropes and harnesses and ready to fly.
The company has the best safety standard in adventure activities in the country, consistent with the North American Bungee Association (NABA), certified by Matthew Lawrence, Casey Dale and Ronald Jones, among others NABA managers through visits and training given exclusively to the Pacific Bungee staff.

Pacific Bungee Company certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), in addition with the tourism declaration also given by the ICT, with an excellent staff of certified guides.