The term “rainforest” certainly means what it sounds like, and this part of Costa Rica gets ample rain, and as a result this tropical forest is quite lush and green almost all year round. It is humid all the time and typically hot.

The “dry” month is September, and this is when Tortuguero gets only about six inches of rain for the month! That’s compared to the downright wet winter season when up to 18 inches of rain can fall. But despite all this rain, it is typically passing and the rest of the time the skies are sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. In fact after a rain storm things just tend to get even sticker as the already high humidity just goes higher.

Year round daytime highs are in the upper 80s and temperatures in the 90s are not ever too uncommon, while it cools down to a comfortable 70 degrees at night on average. March is actually the exception and during the late winter there is bit less rain and this is typically the coolest month of the year, with temperatures only in the mid 80s and the low 60s at night.

As expected it never snows, and you can visit year round and pretty much feel like you’re in paradise in Tortuguero.