Puerto Viejo is located in Costa Rica's most diverse canton (like a county); Talamanca. Talamanca is Costa Rica's largest canton. Talamanca has the highest percentage of protected area; 88%! Between Cahuita National Park, Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, the Indigenous Territories, Amistad International Park, and private reserves, you won't find a better place to experience nature.

Talamanca is also the most culturally diverse place in the whole of Costa Rica. BriBri and Cabecar Indigenous group, Afro-Caribbean folks, people of Spanish decent are now join with migrants from more than 40 countries around the world. 

In this richness there is much for the traveler to do. 

Here you can learn how to make chocolate; from the tree to the tastebud. You can take a guided wildlife hike with the best guides in the country with unmatched abilities to spot the most hidden creatures and help you see them too. Thrill yourself on a zipline or a rafting trip. Learn to cook Caribbean Rice and Beans and patacones and feel like a member of the family with some of Puerto Viejo's favorite and most famous cooks. And of course world class surf! Kayaking, bird watching, snorkeling, turtle watching, volunteer projects, iguana rescue, animal rescue centers, farm tours, dance class, waterfalls, horseback riding, fishing. You can even hike across the continent from here!

 There are lots of great places to help you plan your trip. ATEC is the original and a non-profit; Terraventuras for ziplining; Exploradores  for rafting; and Gecko Trails makes it easy.