Ask most tourists what they most want to see when they come to Costa Rica and inevitably somewhere on everyone's list is MONKEY's! Just about everyone knows that monkeys are everywhere in Costa Rica and you do not have to travel far to have a great day of monkey watching. Forget driving to Manuel Antonio. It's four hours and all the same monkeys are right here above your noses. Now when you check any map of Tamarindo you will see one road coming into oand out of town. But ask a real local and they will tell you all about the back road to the next towns. There is one road to VillaReal and another that spits you out at the entranceway to Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course. These are dirt roads and in dry season any moutain bike, dirt bike and quad can get you through very well. Also these trails make for great cross-country runs and leasurely walks for young and old. It is a 5 mile (8km) round trip to the Hacienda Pinilla Gate from Tamarindo and at any point along the trail you will see Howler monkeys and a host of birds. Don't forget to look down too as there is a whole world at work on the jungle floor from tree-cutting ants to mouthless crabs all over the place. The sounds are incredible and both trails reward you with breathtaking ocean views after a liitle bit of hard work climbing. There are lots of tour companies that can take you back there but it is suggested to rent a motorcycle from Arenas High Tide Adventures or rent bicyles and quads from Waterman's Surf and Sport in Playa Langosta. They will get you ready for your trip. Go early to avoid the hot sun and drink plenty of water before you go and make sure you bring some with you as well.

 --High Tide (Arenas) Adventures

 --Waterman's Surf & Sport  

 one of the little mountain tops you can climb for a great view on this tripsunset from one of the hills