Tamarindo has long been famous for it's carefree vibe and Pura Vida party atmosphere.  With numerous bars, lounges, & discoteques that reflect its multicultural flair, the nightscene has something for everyone on almost every night of the week! For those who say there is nothing happening in Tamarindo here is the Community Events Link to what is happening. Each bar seems to pick a night they "own." So you'll find most party-goers at the same place. Followed by looking around for a late-night hot-spot. This is especially true during low-season.  

Especially lately, it has become a nightlife destination that is recognized regionaly, nationally, and internationally as the place to party at the beach in Costa Rica. On any night at any given spot you could be rubbing elbows with an eclectic mix of locals, international travelers, revelers from the outlying communities of Playa Grande, Flamingo, Playa Del Coco, Santa Cruz. Urbanites even make the trip from San Jose to party Tamarindo style. If your lucky your might even spot a visiting celebrity as local spots have seen visits from Queen Latifah, Natalie Portman, Jah Rule to name a few.

As the town has grown and matured so have the bars. While you can still find some of that rustic, beach party environment that made Tamarindo famous, many of the newer bars cater to a more upscale clients. For example, Bar1 located above the ABC Building on the third floor has a chic style with the lastest disco lighting systems and big screen TV, yet, it caters to the locals by showing movies on TV Night. Here is their Facebook Page. Across the street is a sportsbar named Sharky's. If you are a returning visitor it is actually the remodelled Hotel Kalifornia.

What's new! Where Mama's Deli used to be is a new spot named Le Beach offers dining and entertainment right on the beach. This is the place to party if you want to dance and get you "toes in the sand." 

Another great pick as is the Monkey Bar in the Best Western Hotel on Friday nites - two dance floors, one for Salsa and the other whatever tourist call their dance. The Monkey Bar offers great beach views at sunset and gets pretty crowded in its open-air bar area, especially when a band is performing.The Tamarindo Beach Club and Resort has an amphitheater that seats 250 people, making it a great place to see a concert.. There hasn't been many lately, but they are big deals when they happen.