Rental cars are readily available in Tamarindo and at the airport. Reservations are suggested. They will pick you up directly at the airport. Drop-off at another location is available through almost all agencies; usually with an additional charge to do so.

There have been many questions about Car Rental contracts, especially about what insurance is required by law.  Here is a link to a detailed explaination about the Costa Rica car rental insurance policies.

For those that don't want the responsibility of driving in a strange country, taxis are also abundant. Beware though, that the only legal taxis are RED with a yellow triangle on the side. All others are illegal and are probably not insured or safety inspected on a regular basis. If the Transit Police stop the "pirate" taxi, you and your luggage will be left on the side of the road. Tamarindo has several legal taxis that must have a "Maria" or meter although set rates are usually better than the maria.  At this writing the rate to or from the airport in Liberia is $80-$85. Official taxis from the airport are now charging $100 to Tamarindo area.