Being only 9 degrees above the equator and at sea-level, Tamarindo has a warm climate and the driest climate in Costa Rica. It does also have a wet season that lasts approximately from May through October. However, it is an active place for tourism all-year with the action slowing down considerably during September and October. The weather in November is usually beautiful, however it's a transitional month and you never know what to expect. The later you visit in November the more likely you will avoid the rainy weather.

The most accurate way to predict the weather is by looking at historical data.

Accuweather for Tamarindo

Here are easy-to-read Historical Weather Charts for hours of sunshine, temperature, and rainfall.


Tamarindo's Micro Climate can be wildly different than locations even only a few kilometers away. Also if you do not surf perhaps the Tide charts are confusing. Just check this Web-Cam from local business Witch's Rock and see where the Tide is at and what the weather looks like. HD quality webcam. Check it out. 

Tamarindo River Mouth Web Cam