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Inside Background
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Inside Things to Do
This is a wonderful little park. Not only does the entrance fee help in...
Last edited: December 29, 2009
Inside Dining Scene
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Inside Costa Rica: For Foreign Visitors
The official currency is the colon, but American dollars are usually accepted...
Last edited: November 29, 2014
Important notice about traveling to Costa Rica: As of January 8, 2007...
Last edited: June 11, 2012
In case of emergency dial 911. For other important telephone numbers, as well...
Last edited: November 02, 2013
  What is your name? ¿Cuál es su nombre? Hello! ¡Hola! Pure Life Pura Vida Good...
Last edited: November 29, 2014
Phone numbers in Costa Rica recently changed. All phone numbers have 8 digits...
Last edited: February 04, 2015
Tipping at restaurants, bars and coffee shops is optional. A ten percent...
Last edited: March 24, 2011
Some travelers have had difficulties traveling in and around Costa Rica. You...
Last edited: March 02, 2015
When it comes to locations for destination weddings, the world is full of...
Last edited: October 23, 2014
Knowing what to expect and taking precautions will give you a better chance to...
Last edited: February 28, 2015
Costa Rica is a very popular spot for eco-tourism.  It combines low cost and...
Last edited: September 17, 2013
Costa Rica golf courses are bunched together are two areas: Guanacaste and San...
Last edited: September 24, 2010
MONTEVERDE'S MUST SEES During the Korean War some Quakers from Alabama decided...
Last edited: March 24, 2015
When you go to any bank in Costa Rica, whether a state bank or a private bank...
Last edited: November 26, 2014
Costa Rica: a spectacular landscape nestled between two continents and two...
Last edited: November 28, 2008
To dispell the most common travel agency rumor: travel agencies do not make...
Last edited: May 05, 2015
  Here is a list of what you can do during your visit to Costa Rica: 1. Arenal...
Last edited: June 30, 2014