You have to be a real afficionado to make the 1+ hour journey from Shanghai to Yangcheng Hu for Hairy Crabs. But if you love them that much, the journey is worth it. The place has become a bit of a jungle now, long since developed from the few quiet shops with restaurants tacked on to the side. Somewhat tacky and with fancy hotels overlooking the lake.

Steamed hairy crabs, ready to eat 


But  you can find your way off the main drag to some quieter places which have more of the older style feel. You can also take a ride on a boat and munch your way through the crabs while drifting around on the lake. You will need a car to get there and probably a guide to find your way around.

After. Shells and debris should litter your table... 

A fun trip if crabs is your thing, beware bad traffic at weekends and holidays. Relax and enjoy a taste of off the beaten track Shanghai.