The World Expo Shanghai 2010 is getting closer day by day. Lots of travelers from all over the world are planning or have already confirmed their trip to the international event.

The Expo site is very big (5.28 square kilometers) and most of travelers may only stay in Shanghai for 3 days or less, so it is necessary to make a detail plan before departure for Shanghai.
Expect to wait 90min to get into the expo site so don't hesitate to show up very early at the expo site entrance on your first day. Add to this the waiting time to get into the pavillons.

Most popular pavillons for Chinese will be the Chinese pavillon, le Japanese pavillon, the American pavillon and the French pavillon.

The following article indicates one approach to visiting the Expo in three days.  You might get some ideas or a plan of your own by looking at visit Expo Shanghai in three days and also

Remember to avoid all weekends as everything will be crowded and the gates likely will close.  Once Expo opens we will discover which days of the week are usually lighter than others, but Saturdays and Sundays will be very crowded by home-town attendees with free tickets and Chinese from nearby cities reached in two hours or less by train.

Day One:
Start with China Pavilion and the nearby pavilions of Asian countries, such as Japan Pavilion, and Korean Pavilion.
Note that the China Pavillon has a capacity of 75,000 visitors/day and is expecting up to 750,000 visitors/day.

Day Two:
The pavilions of travelers’ own country and their favorite countries.

Day Three:
The pavilions with specific themes, such as Future Pavilion, Aviation Pavilion, Oil Pavilion and Space Pavilion.