Families with children visiting Melaka will not want to miss the A 'Famosa Theme Park.  This park, the largest of its kind in Malaysia, is located on 20 acres and has an extensive water park, a safari park, and a golf course as well as rides and parades.  The entire park is located within a larger complex, the A'Famosa Resort Area, which contains several hotels, restaurants, an equestrian club and a conference center.  The safari park contains several species of animals including monkeys, elephants, and birds.  The water park features a large wave pool and several types of slides.

The A'Famosa theme park is located on the North South Highway 24 km. from Melaka and is easily found from other locations in Maylasia.  It is a popular destination for local families as well as tourists. 

The park is open 7-days a week including holidays.  The entrance fee for adults is $18 RM, Children under 12 years of age and over three feet tall is $13 and children under three feet tall can enter for free.