Great Eateries in the Huntsville, Alabama area--Huntsville has great restaurants and although we have a lot of  good "chain" restaurants, I'd like to expoud on some of the non chain varieties.  1.  Pizza- Two great pizza places unique to Huntsville is Terry's and Bid Ed's.  These have been around for years and are famous for thin crusts and lucious toppings.  2.  Mexican-Bandito burrito is a funnky little place with great south of the border offerings.  3.  Deli-Duffy's Deli is a small eatery locally famous for its white chili as well as great sandwiches.  4.  Gourmet-Try the Wildflour Bistro for one of a kind appetizers, entrees and desserts.  4.  BBQ- Being the south, we have many great places in this category, but I'll stick to mentioning two, One is Greenbrier BBQ.  Not only is great "Que served here but also fried catfish.  Another good BBQ joint is Thomas Pit BBQ.  The name says it all and people line up for this southern favorite. 5.  Girl's luncheon--A really good lunch spot is the small Covington's Restaurant which specializes in unique salads, soups, sandwiches , desserts and special teas.  Come to Huntsville and enjoy our great cuisine!