Delhi is fast developing into a huge nightlife hub and there are numerous bars, clubs and lounges that are opening up in and around the city. New Delhi and the satellite towns of Gurgaon and Noida have many options available to those who would like to spend a night out in the city. Besides the restaurants and bars there are many cultural and social venues which organise frequent events.

The major nightlife venues in the city are either in the central or the sounthern part of New Delhi. The closing time for all places in New Delhi is 1 am as per the excise laws but there are some places that extend the deadline through special permission. In Gurgaon and Noida the rules are relatively less strict and many places stay open beyond 1 am. Many of these bars and clubs play international music mixed up with local bollywood tracks. There are some speciallity clubs/bars that play a specific genre of music. There are larger clubs in the city that hosts International DJ's and Artists on special nights so keep a tab on them you might just catch some one really big playing at the clubs here. Delhi is also developing into a hub for concerts with Prodigy, Bryan Adams, Sting, Akon, Guns n Roses, Fat Boy Slim, Tiesto, David Guetta.

Some of the popular nightlife places in Delhi NCR are:

Blue Frog, Striker, Skooter (Hotel Samrat), Quantum, Agni, Lemp, Jynxxx