If you really want to have a tea & coffee experience in the city of New Delhi - you need to head out to the Tea Lounge at the Taj Palace hotel (at the lobby level of the hotel). Huge indoor and outdoor place, superb ambience and the famous Taj Service - but what makes the place a winner is the sheer varieties of tea & coffee - and the live painting exhibition by some of the upcoming artists of India.

Taj allows one exclusive artist a week to put up his/her display at no cost, however, don't expect the painting to be cheap - they still cost a bomb. Most are upwards of $10k US - but the works were awesome. And since the artist is around to chat up - the experience of having tea while the artist does a one-on-one explanation of her varied works was an superb experience.

If you are there around 3pm don't miss the English Tea service - puts the Brits to shame.