Foz do Iguacu is what one can guess, a warm place to be! The climate is offically listed as sub-tropical which basically means that it is hot and humid most of the year. A dry season does come into play however and temperatures do cool during this winter time, opposite of the Northern Hemisphere.

The summer months of November through February are the hottest and most humid . Temperatures regularly climb to 40 degrees Celcius and even higher, in Fahrenheit this is 105-107 degrees. If you are sensitive to these types of extreme temperatures, you will definitely want to consider coming over the winter or anytime between late April and October. Whatever time you do come, protection from the sun is necessary with sunhats and glasses and an SPF of 15-30+.

Weather can be fast moving in this region; thunderstorms are frequent and rain falls pretty evenly all year round. In relative terms for most people, the humidity is also quite heavy all year round even though winter is drier.

If you are a fisherman you should plan on visiting the city in the winter months (Southern Hemisphere winter) for the best conditions.