Arlington is an armed forces cemetery town, and as such its society seems to be rather touristy, military, and morbid.  Despite its toting of tombs and memorials, do not be fooled—the culture here actually embraces vibrant theater/entertainment scenes.

For shopping and dining, Arlington’s Crystal City shopping center is a wonderful one-stop consumer hub frequented by tourists and residents from Arlington and D.C. alike.

The quantity and quality of Arlington theater is surprising.  The Washington Shakespeare Company has had its Virginia home here since 1990, putting on multiple traditional and innovative renditions of the bard’s masterworks year in and year out.  In addition, the WSC performs plays from the likes of Tom Stoppard and other cream of the crop contemporaries when William isn’t hogging the stage.

The Teatro de La Luna is an exceptional performing arts center, presenting Hispanic plays in Spanish with English translation on the side.

The American Century Theatre
has been around just over a decade, putting on plays of what it terms “American vision,” in the hope of tying tourists together with common patriotic bonds.

Finally, the Signature Theater is an award-winning Arlington Broadway, showing classical musicals to thousands of subscribers and many more visitors per year.  

In addition, thanks to wonderful public transportation to and from Washington, Arlington visitors are DC visitors , open to all the culture the capital neighbor offers.