For visitors to Turgutreis, there should be no shortage of things to do while on holiday.  Turgutreis is one of Turkey’s premier tourist destinations, and because the city’s main source of income is generated from tourism, there has been special attention put into creating a fun and lively atmosphere.      

            Turgutreis is a costal city situated in Turkey’s southwest province of Mugla.  It buts up to the Mediterranean Sea, and because of this, many of the activities offered there involve water in some form or another. 

Local Beaches

            Spending time at the beach is a favorite past time for visitors to Turgutreis.  It is no wonder, because the surrounding area has miles of sandy beaches stretching in both directions.  Some of the more popular ones can get very crowded, but getting to quieter areas is possible.  Check out these beach pictures to get an idea of what to expect.

There are 17 miles of beaches in the Turgutreis municipality, but not all of them are located in the centre of town.  You'll need to travel south to visit them. This is easy to do, just jump on a dolmus and head towards Akyarlar.  There are small beaches and bays all the way along this part of the coastline, and around the corner of the peninsula, to towns south of Akyarlar.

Turgutreis Marina:

            Yachting is one of Turgutreis’ most popular nautical sports.  The marina has plans in the near future to revamp its facilities, allowing even more boats to come into the area. 


            Other water activities offered in Turgutreis include wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.  The peninsula of Bodrum (on which Turgutreis is located) is one of the best diving locations in Turkey.