Day Boat Trips from Bodrum

Day Trips on a boat usually include visiting several islands or bays near Bodrum and lunch on board. At every stop, the boat stays for anything up to an hour for  swimming in crystal clear water. One of the most popular stops is at Karaada Island. Where you can get off the boat, to swim in the mineral waters on the island. There is a little snack bar by the boat jetty, selling drinks and corn on the cob.


Size Matters

There are lot's of different sized boats available. From small ones taking a few people, to ones taking over a 100 people. Some boats are quiet and chilled, while others are party boats, blaring music. Make sure you book the type of boat you're looking for, and you'll have a fabulous day.


Where and When

You can board boats from a couple of different locations on Bodrum. In Bodrum Harbour, and on the boat jetties near the Halicarnassos Nightclub. Boats usually leave around 10am and return about 5pm. During the season boats run every day, and then out of season, that frequency reduces.