Visitors to Guilin will find many attractions to explore in and around the city, including museums, parks, fishing villages, numerous natural features, and much more.

            The Guilin Art Museum is one of the largest museums in all of China, and is considered to be the most complete in the entire Guangxi province.  The paintings housed here spans hundreds of years, and were created by artists local and international.  On display is a large portion of the permanent collection, as well as changing exhibits.  There is a gallery located on the second floor, from which visitors can purchase select pieces of art. 

            There are numerous parks and outdoor areas around the city of Guilin.  The Seven Star Park is found on the far side of the Li River, and takes only a few minutes to get to from the city center.  The park has many hills that surround waterways and grassy areas.  This is a popular place for tourists to visit. 

            Found on the far side of the Li River are numerous fishing villages.  These can be interesting to visit, as some have been around for hundreds of years.

            The natural landscape around Guilin is spectacular, and there are many opportunities for visitors to explore it. 

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