Sochi has one of Russia's warmest and sunniest climates. In fact, on average the city benefits from 300 days of sunshine annually. Spread along the Black Sea , warm air masses that pass over the sea remain over Sochi as they are unable to pass the Mountains behind the city; this creaties a warm environement. The climate is classifed as subtropical, the only one of this type in all of Russia.

Sochi has three seasons with an extended summer. It remains warm enough in Sochi to swim from June through October. Aside from this it also has long days in the summer months due to its latitude, making the warmth all the more felt. Summer temperatures average at 80 degrees with the water temperature just slighly lower.

They say winter doesn't really exist in Sochi which makes it ironic that it is a contender for the 2014 Winter Olympics. But with the Caucasus Mountains just nearby, snow is in abundance as soon as you head to higher elevation. These months in the city hold on to humid air from the Black Sea and the average temperature is in the upper 40s to lower 50s with plenty of sun and moisture in the air.

The tourist high season is in the long summer as the majority of visitors enjoy swimming in the Black Sea. But any time of year is good to visit and the spas are open year round. As the city prepares more for the Olympics it will become more tourist friendly than ever before making it a great time to visit--now!