If you are staying in Essaouira taking a day-long trip to the nearby city of Marrakech, about 55 miles away, can be a fun and cultural experience.  Marrakech is easy to get to by bus, as several public and private bus companies make regular trips between the two cities.   Driving to Marrackech from Essaouira is also not difficult as the roads between the two cities are modern and in good repair. 

Once you arrive in Marrakech, one of Morocco's oldest cities with a strong Berber influence, there is no end to the things you can do there.  The city is full of public markets selling all types of traditional hand crafts and foods.  The markets themselves are destinations, full of colorful things and interesting people.  The markets also sell all types of produce, as one of Marrakech's main sources of income comes from farming. 

The city is also full of beautiful, old architecture.  Ancient mosques and well-preserved Berber and Arab-style buildings dot the cityscape, while the old part of the city contains its original suq, or city square, where traditional markets have gathered for hundreds of years.  Outside of the city's main walls one will find French colonial architecture which the French began building in the early 20th Century, giving the city the bit of European flavor that it still has today.     

Marrakech is also a popular tourist destination, so many restaurants and shops catering to visitors can be found there.