The climate throughout all of Sabah is considered equatorial, which means that temperatures never get extremely hot, nor do they get extremely cold.  The climatic conditions are different in areas such as the highlands when compared to costal areas.  Most areas in Sabah are visited year round; however certain times of the year are more comfortable than others.  Check out the Climate in Sabah for detailed information on this topic.

Although the hottest time of the year is between May and September, the temperature difference between this time and the rest of the year is very minimal.  The average daytime highs during this time will be in the low 90’s, while during the rest of the year are in the upper 80’s.  The average nighttime lows will be in the mid 70’s throughout the year.  Humidity is fairly high year round.

The main factor to consider when planning a trip to Sabah is the season.  Only two seasons are distinguishable, which are rainy and dry.  Although rain is a possibility year round, the rainy season in most of Sabah is from October to February.  The rest of the year is considered the dry season. 

For more information, check out this Weather Forecast Map, which provides five day forecasts for the major cities in Sabah.