Places to take the whole family abound in Yokohama, in the forms of museums, theme parks, and zoos.  Below is just a brief summary of some of the establishments that will entertain people of all ages for hours on end.

The Motion Display Museum, located on the third floor of the Marine Tower, is a series of exhibits of American toys, and the Yokohama Doll Museum houses 13,000 dolls gathered from over a hundred countries across the globe.  However, entry to the doll museum, with an adult admission of 500 yen, costs more than twice that for Motion Display, a practical concern for those vacationers with limited time and budget.

The Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum in the Minato Mirai 21Area is dedicated to the display of cutting-edge technology, sporting a rocket engine, a model nuclear reactor, and a helicopter flight simulation exhibit.

One of the leading amusement parks in Japan would have to be the Yokohama Cosmo World, which boasts the largest ferris wheel on the planet, standing at almost 400 feet and capable of holding 480 passengers at a time. You can see the nice marin view from there and it is interesting to look down the developing city. Yokohama, especially in Minato Mirai 21 area is new spot. It became  popular in past 10 years. It is still large, but it'll be larger and larger in the near future. It'll be great time to talk about land developments with kids. And also there are many  rides for kids, e.x. holler house, cold house, 2 types of roller coaster,and so on.  Entrance fee is free, and  you must pay fare when you want to ride them. Each of them cost 400yen-700yen.

The Landmark tower is one great place to have a good time with family. Youcan go to F69 using worlds-best-speed elevator. It is 750m/m. You can see many things from top floor. Of course you can see the view of Yokohama, you also can  see view of Tokyo even Tokyo tower. There are many restaurant, so you can eat with a great view.

Finally, the Yokohama Zoo is another wonderful place to bring the kids, as it is the home to some rare animals unlikely to be found in the United States or Europe, at least in one place.   Admission for adults is 600 yen.