Chiredzi is located in the south eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe.  It is a quaint little town, which arose from the need of a service centre for the surrounding sugar cane growing communities.  There is not much to see in the town itself, but it has beautiful surrounding attractions like the Gona-Rezhou Game Park.  This game reserve is part of the Trans-Zambezi frontier that encompasses Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South African game reserves giving the visitor a rather large expanse of land to traverse and view game.

The rather friendly nature of the locals can make the whole experience the more enjoyable.  The game hunter or just the casual traveller will find Chiredzi an unforgettable experience.

Chiredzi is also "famous" for it's weather - the heat.  The weather is a dry and hot, with temperatures in the summer that can go up to 40 degrees Celsius. So if it's a sweltering holiday you want, in the bush or "bundu" as they call it, Chiredzi is the place to be!!