Getting something tailor made is a popular thing to do in Ho An. There are hundreds of tailors but the quality varies hugely.  Go with a recommended tailor but do not rely on your guide! One tourist trap all shoppers in Hoi An must know is that almost everybody earns commission from referring tourists to shoes and tailor shops. This includes almost every receptionist, door boy, taxi drivers, hotel bus driver and even the staff of 5 star resorts. There will be some random friendly stranger who approaches tourist to his 'family' shop which offers the 'best' value. The next moment the customer know it, an inflated price is paid and 30% of what's purchased goes into the pockets of the friendly local or receptionist the customer just met.

B&K Bao Khanh Tailor - 101 Tran Hung Dao / Bao Khanh Silk is obscure, although it is located on the main street of Hoi An. It is outside the core of the city where all the tailors focus. Bao Khanh Silk has an impressive collection of dresses for women, reserved for special occasions with designs that may have wool. The prices are similar to their competitors.

BIBI SILK - 13 Phan Chu Trinh.   A small and  independent shop listed on Rough Guide and on Tripadvisor, with many years of experience in making clothes for foreigners. High quality at good prices compared to the high-end shops.  No connection to any hotels, travel companies, etc.  Website with ratings here.

Kim Hien Cloth Shop - 60 Tran Hung Dao Street . Professional staff and serice, men's suit $55,shirts $10,winter coats $30, and dresses $10. 

NIT Tailor - 135 Tran Phu Street. Great variety of fabric, the prices are very reasonable and the quality is superb.

Tel:05103929394. Website no longer available: new url?

Five Seasons Silk (Ngu Thoi) -  97 Phan Chau Trinh St. It takes visiting 5 or 6 different tailor shops in Hoi An to get a sense for the market, There are flashy commercial tailors (A Dong Silk, BiBi, Mr. Xe) and also a few smaller independant run shops. The best to do business with is a small 2-woman shop called Five Seasons (Ngu Thoi in Viet Namese). The number one reason is the women who run it are thoughtful, not pushy, great at english, and convey a genuine feeling of conncetion and attention. The second reason is that you can get a much better deal at the small indy shops because you aren't paying for armies of sales ladies and fancy architecture. The lovely ladies of Ngu Thoi deliver FANTASTIC and personalized service. Their bespoke suits fit perfectly, have great worksmanship, and they are absolutely attentive to needed alterations after a first or even second fitting. Dealing directly with the business owner (who goes by Rose), and her apprentice (Cham), you will get to benefit from her 20 years of expertise directly. You will also get a much better price, with a little haggling, more than 45% less than what is quoted for the exact same materials and style from the more commercial placdes. Highly recommended. You'll love Rosa and Cham.   and

Faifoo - 54 Tran Hung Dao Street. Shirts $13, pants  $32, and sport jackets $45; material and labor included. All prices can be bargained, he starts much lower in prices compared to other stores and speaks decent English. 

Guys & Galsat - 17 Tran Hung Dao street. Nice lively lady who manages this place, shirts for $13.

Jenny - at the end of the Cloth market. Shirts for $10.

Colours (Sac Mau Vietnam) - 79 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Excellent quality of fabric, wool winter coats with silk lining $70; The staff are very friendly and helpful, unlike some of the nearby tailors. 

Lana - 90 Le Loi Str. For business clothes - suits. They use good fabrics and excellent quality finishes. They are not particularly cheap.

Tuon Van Cloth Shop - 106 Tran Phu. A cheaper shop (though still excellent). They tend to use cheap fabrics, but can create from a photo and make it better than the photo. Diagonally opposite on the corner of the the nearby street is another excellent cheap tailor - $30 for a winter coat for a teenage girl.  It's not wool or silk lining but none the less beautifully made.

Bi Bo Design - 42 Tran Hung, Dao Street.  The quality of the workmanship is really good. Shorts are $15 each - the cloth and workmanship is worth every penny.


Lang Bian - 89 Tran Hung Dao Street. The two girls have great knowledge, very friendly, honest and speak English. Quality fabrics, perfect fit and beautifully made. 


Tony The Tailor - 294 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street. Great quality, lovely staff, and excellent service.

BeBe's - 09 Hoang Dieu Street. The service, English, fit and facilities are great. Good selection of quality fabrics at a very reasonable price.

Tel: 0510.2212670 / E-mail: 

Ha Na - 85 Tran Hung Dao St. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great quality and value. A generally fantastic service.

Blue Gecko Custom Tailor - 279 Nguyen Duy  Hieu. - Quality products, friendly & professional service.

Tel: +84 510 3915789 / Tel: +84 913 607463

Website: / E-mail: 

Hoian Silk Village - 28 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street , Hoian Town. Quality shop and tailor with very reasonable prices. tel:

Tel: +84-5103-92-11-44 / E-mail

Nhat Vy - 121 Tran Hung Dao St. Professional staff and serice, they are also very helpful with alterations. 

Tel: 0510.3862109 / E-mail:

Su Cloth Shop - 48 Tran Hung Dao St. Quality one on one service, experts in tailoring and design. 

Tel: 0510.3864765 / E-mail

GM (Gu Mi) Tailor - 57 Phan Boi Chau Street. E-mail:

Bohemian Luxe Bridal Couture - 85 Nguyen Thai Hoc. E-mail:

Wall Street Tailors - 667 Hai Ba Trung St. One of the best, multiple award winning Hoi An tailor shop inspired by London based Fashionista Anna Sainsbury and talented local tailor Kieu Nguyen. 

Trang - 47 Tran Hung Dao Street. One of Hoi An's oldest tailors, speaks Fench and English and even a little Russian and German. Well worth a visit for more complicated ladies designs and menswear.

Ants Silk Handmade and Tailoring  - 525 Hai Ba Trung St. Personalized service, professional results, good value. Menswear and womensware. 

E-mail: / / Tel: +84 938750243

Two Ladies Custom Tailor - 71 Tran Hung Dao St. Two very nice ladies close to town. Years of experience. Price depends on quality. For the best material for a suit you will pay 150-170 USD, dresses and jackets around 100 USD. Any design you want you can have, made any changes can be made within hours if needed. They are very friendly and helpful with all of request.

Tel: 0905 024 388 / Tel: 0120 608 39 88 / E-mail: 

 B'lan House Silk&Tailor - 23 Tran Phu. Just next to the market. B'lan House offers a wide range of choices of quality fabrics at a competitive price. Located in one of the old houses in town,  Website:

Tuong Tailor - 67 Tran Hung Dao st. Tuong Tailor weaves a family tradition of tailoring into every creation made in the store. MsTuong and her family have been in the custom-clothes and shoe-making field for three generations, with almost two decades of experience catering to foreign clients. While Hoi An has an plethora of tailor stores, few can boast seamstresses and cutters that work exclusively for their business alone. This makes all the difference. At Tuong’s Cloth Shop you are assured the best in quality and customer care. The detail, stitching, superiority in material and service have made Tuong’s one of the most preferred and renowned tailors in Hoi An.

Tel: (+84)510 386 3753 / Email: 

Sarah's Boutique  - Clothing Made To Measure, 398 Cua Dai St.  Small shop, good english, reasonable prices for accurate copies. It's 10 min out of the center on the road that takes you towards the beach.  Tel. 05103863651 Mobile 0905471381