You'll find lots of off-the-beaten-track places in Krabi and vicinity, and almost as many Buddha idols hanging around nearby, like Big Brother. One interesting place to visit that's north of town is the Tiger's Paw, a rock formation that derives its name from its similarity to the paw of a tiger. Climb the 1,237 steps to see a view of Krabi and some great scenery as well as a giant Buddha looking along with you.

If you're a diver, there are lots and lots of places to go for a day of underwater ballet in and around Krabi. For experienced divers, there's Shark Point, which features the wreck of a cruiser where you'll likely see Leopard Sharks, Reef Sharks, and Nurse Sharks, as well as Barracuda and Jacks. Or take a boat tour of Krabi's surrounding islands, and stop off to do some snorkeling or shopping. 

Hot Springs, to the south of Krabi, is in the middle of a forest, where you can sigh and sink slowly into 35 degree celsius water, and let all your troubles melt away.

Avoid the many alligator farms and animal exhibits unless you enjoy seeing and having your photo taken with a drugged, beleagured animal. Unfortunately, there is a lot of that around.