Bang La On is an excellent location to stay during the green season.

Some scenes around town

A priority for visitors to Thailand is a good choice of small and reasonably priced small Thai restaurants within easy walking distance of their hotel. Bang La On leaves the visitor spoilt for choice as more than half of the restaurants are open during the green season.

An economical budget of 350 - 550 baht for two Thai mains, 2 rice, 2 large or 4 small beers, is easy to maintain. Restaurants include Nine, Ten Star, Ga, Yuppadee Seafood, Kung Seafood, Keeper, Dee Seafood, Everyday2, Smile and Lamuan. All of these restaurants are on the main road south of Soi Nang Thong; few are open at this time of year heading north.

Taxis (songthaews) are cheaper than Phuket but still have set prices for different trips - happily, some drivers will bargain. Nang Thong Supermarket to Bang Niang Markets will cost you 100 baht. Add an extra 50 baht to each end of the trip if you want to go beach to beach i.e. 200 baht Nang Thong Beach to Bang Niang Beach. There seems to be only one songthaew operating from Nang Thong Beach itself (near Bhandari). Ordinarily, you'll have to head up to the main road to catch one.

Shopping for groceries is easy with Khao Lak Supermarket, Nang Thong Supermarket and various minimarts and 711s. It is easy to change your money as there are a variety of banks, ATMs and money exchanges at Bang La On.

For beach walking a tide chart is invaluable as there's hardly any beach to play with at high tide. Some resorts sensibly fly red flags to discourage beach users from swimming. If you still insist on a dip, you might want to check out the beach at low tide so you know what rocks, broken masonry and other debris you'd like to avoid.