Praslin Island is a very safe travel destination.  The pace of life there is slow and the population of the area is small, making it something of a rural environment in which the risk of becoming a crime victim is very low.  The people of the area are friendly to tourists and travelers generally do not need to concern themselves with any more than the obvious common sense precautions taken when traveling.  (For example, travelers will want to keep valuable items locked in hotel safes when not in use.)

In terms of health hazards, the main thing for Praslin Island visitors to watch out for is the sun.  No matter the temperature, the sun is intense, and travelers should be sure to always wear sunscreen.  Sunglasses and shade hats are also strongly recommended.  For information about seasonal weather in the area, see .  Major health concerns which plague visitors to other parts of Africa, such as risk of malaria or danger of poisonous snakes or insects, simply are not a problem in Praslin Island.

Travelers should note that it is wise to drink either bottled water or to boil water before drinking it.  While there are some areas of Praslin Island where drinking tap water is considered safe but it is not recommended.