Snorkelling in Hurghada

You can buy your snorkelling equipment at the resort (the hurghada star shop), they have lots of cheap gear and good quality. The Siva Grand beach hotel has two boats that leave from the beach at the hotel each day at 12 noon to Magawish Island. The trip lasts 2.5 hours and is £5.50 (cheap and very cheerful). Take a towel and some clothes, if you don't mind getting wet (it can get a bit splashy on the boat but its great fun). The reef is great and very safe (you can stand up in places). The boats are glass bottomed and you get a little tour. All in all its a really nice trip and the same location is visited by large boats where the punters have paid £30 to do it! You can see all manner of fish and marine life and some great coral formations. The boat boys will also help nervous snorkellers. A suggestion is to practice before you go out on the boat to gain confidence and then go for it. Pay on the hut on the beach.