Having just spent a wonderful week in Hurghada almost ruined by the constant attempt by nearly all the taxi drivers to scam you of your money. On 9 trips around Hurghada and El Ghouna 8 taxis tried the following scam:-

  • You agree a fee before getting into the taxi.They butter you up with frendly chat during the trip.
  • At the end of it you hand over what you think is the closest correct denomination/bank note. Without fail they (very cleverly) swap your note for one of a lesser denomination, bringing to your attention that you have given them short. This swap is done so quickly that you can only but think that you did in fact give them the wrong money. 

They caught yours truly out once - but never again. Yours truly caught them on each subsequent attempt - and enjoyed seeing them squirm as the thieves that they are. 

On exposing them they will feign terrible communication problems and claim that the lower denomination note that they are showing you is, in fact, your change.  (Even if you're not due any - they liked you so much that they reduced your fee!!).

Be careful and ask them the value of the note before you hand it over to them.   

 Check here before you travel http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Travel-g...

And watch for the Piastres!