Suzhou, as one of the fastest-growing cities in China, has a fairly advanced transportation system. The best way to get to nearby cities is probably by rail. Trains are reasonably priced and run quite frequently, especially to the two major nearby cities of Shanghai and Nanjing. It takes about an hour to get to the former and two hours to get to the latter.

Suzhou is also located on the Yangtze and the Grand Canal, so river travel is sometimes used, especially by tourists. Rooms on overnight boats to Hangzhou, another prime tourist destination, are available for a few hundred RMB, depending on quality of the vessel and room.

Most locals get around the city either by walking or bicycling. Though automobile regulations are somewhat stiffer now, most cars still assume the right-of-way and do not stop for pedestrians or cyclists. Jaywalking is extremely commonplace and often necessary, but pay attention when crossing the streets and try to follow other groups of people to avoid getting hit. Taxis are also fairly cheap and an extremely convenient way of getting around, though you can certainly rent a bicycle or motorbike if you are feeling more adventurous.